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Physical Printed Poster, Downloadable PDF


24"W x 36"H

A beautifully designed 24"W x 36"H poster depicting Jake Muller in the Jake Muller Adventures: Unidentified original audio drama that will show your support for this series!

Jake Muller Adventures: Unidentified Poster 24×36


UFOs? Alien Abductions? Men in Black?

Nothing in Jake Muller’s experience has prepared him for these kinds of things. But then he’s never been faced with a challenge that he didn’t take head-on.

Finding a teenaged girl over a thousand miles from where she is supposed to be is just the beginning. Going toe to toe with a global cabal intent on ushering a new world order might just be the end.

Show your support for this series with either a printed copy or digital PDF download of this beautifully designed 24″W x 36″H poster.

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