The Jake Muller Adventures Series

The Jake Muller Adventures is a journey. In a broad sense it’s about the growth of a Christian as they travel through the universe of spiritual warfare. In fact, Jake starts out as a functional non-believer. He’s grown up in the church but, like a stone submerged in a river, inside he is dry.

“I don’t like not knowing things,” he tells his nephew, but when things go far afield of his understanding he quickly realizes that there is more going on around him than he’d previously considered.

Alien life visiting the Earth? What could they want? And where are they from? And why do so many of their agents look like flesh and blood human beings?

When Jake stumbles into a coven of vampires, in downtown Chicago no less, he asks himself why Christians spend so much time talking and singing about blood. There’s power in the blood. We’re washed in the blood. Redeemed by the blood. What does all that mean? And what does it sound like to someone who hasn’t read and understood the Bible?

And what is the real power behind Vampires and Psi-Vamps? It may seem strange or silly to a lot of people, but the vampire subculture is a very real thing where many, many people find their identity. Is it a harmless game or is it a battlefield?

Through these, and many other adventures, we will follow Jake on his own spiritual journey. The Christian life is a marathon, not a sprint, and it’s easy to see why people can become disillusioned and discouraged. There are forces out there that want nothing more than to see you beat down and defeated. Jake Muller may be a fictional character, but the lessons he learns are meant to mirror the growth of many people, young and old.

Our hope is to encourage you to endure. Not just endure but be victorious!

The Jake Muller Adventures — Unidentified

UFOs? Alien Abductions? Men in Black?

Nothing in Jake Muller’s experience has prepared him for these kinds of things. But then he’s never been faced with a challenge that he didn’t take head-on.

Finding a teenaged girl over a thousand miles from where she is supposed to be is just the beginning. Going toe to toe with a global cabal intent on ushering a new world order might just be the end.

The Jake Muller Adventures — Blood

There’s no such thing as Vampires… right?

That’s what Jake’s good friend Ariana thought. So why did somebody drop a body covered with bites at the hospital where she works? And why is she being followed by creepy dudes?

Jake wants answers, and he’s going to get them no matter the cost. He’s also going to learn that, “We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.”

Will Jake Muller take up a sword in this spiritual battle?

The Jake Muller Adventures — Undead

A Jake Muller movie? Why not?

When Jake takes his nephew Peter to Louisiana to see the filming of a movie about him, they also make plans to visit some friends. Julienne Cormier, who changed the course of his life, is one of them. So is his former sergeant, whose health has taken a turn for the worse.

So why is the movie plagued with deadly accidents? And what has driven Julienne’s best friend to suicide? And what is all this talk about zombies?

Battle lines are about to be drawn, and Jake Muller never backs off from a fight.

The Jake Muller Adventures — Shroud

What does a thirty year-old museum break-in where nothing was stolen mean to the future of the human race?

Josh David is a pretty normal college student. He gets good grades, has lots of friends and a lady who is committed to him. He’s also the epicenter of a spiritual war that has been in the planning for over two thousand years. Jake Muller knows the players, and he’s ready to stand up for the side he believes in.

But will that be enough?