Download Instructions

Link will be emailed to email address supplied when payment clears. Episodes may be played on portable devices (phones/tablets), but must first be downloaded onto computer, and then synced with device. (Portable devices are unable to extract zipped files). Check spam folder if email doesn’t appear shortly after ordering.


Our many listeners use many machines, with many operating systems, and many browsers, to download The Jake Muller Adventures. The wide number of permutations can make troubleshooting difficult, but there are a few suggestions to try if you’re having issues:

  1. Our mp3 downloads are zip files. Once they have successfully downloaded you will need to unzip the contents and import into your audio player.
  2. Getting an “XML error” on downloads – this can be caused by some plug-ins to some browsers. It’s worth trying a different browser to see if this still happens.
  3. Occasionally there’s a problem unzipping via the Safari browser. We recommend trying to download the file to the machine and then unzipping via the Finder program.
  4. If it’s possible to try alternate browsers on download errors, it can often be worth a try.

If you’re still having problems, get in touch!