About The Jake Muller Adventures

The Jake Muller Adventures will be action-packed, but thoughtful and logical. It has comic-book and science fiction elements, but is still grounded in reality and scientific fact.

As a dramatic audio show it will push the boundaries of storytelling in amazing ways, teaching and equipping young men and women while remaining wildly entertaining. It doesn’t talk down to the audience, but pulls them into a narrative so compelling that it can’t help but make the listener think.

Spectacular adventure, savvy characters and an intriguing story that reveals what a Christian should have to do with popular trends. What are kids reading? More importantly — do we, as Christians have answers and alternatives to what pop culture is bombarding our children with.

In a time where young adults are leaving the church, it is important that we are offering alternatives to the bad, secular thinking that is often delivered in beautiful packages. I believe the Bible offers real world answers to the issues that are stumping our kids, and making the church appear ineffectual.

Jake Muller will restart that conversation, AND thrill you right down to your toes.

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